Discovery Bracelet - The Sankalpa Project

Discovery Bracelet

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The Discovery bracelet is made with frosted amazonite and hematite spacers.


Featured Gemstones:


Amazonite: Called the Stone of Courage and Truth, Amazonite encourages true self discovery, moving beyond the fear of judgement and confrontation to establish boundaries both internally and externally.

As powerful as the river for which it is named, and as bold as the legendary women warriors with whom it is connected, Amazonite provides harmony and balance.

Chakras: Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra-Zodiac: Virgo-Planet: Uranus-Element: Earth, water

  • Beads are approximately 8mm
  • Comes with a gemstone info card and "The Sankalpa Project" drawstring bag
  • Handcrafted with loving intention and attention in Canada
  • 10% of our sales goes back to charity