Blossom Yoga Bolster

Blossom Yoga Bolster

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Functional and eco-friendly, our yoga bolsters are good for you and the environment. The generous size invites supported chest openings such as fish pose, lifted hips in pigeon pose, and legs up the wall. The natural cotton filling creates a stable and comfortable space for your body to ease into gentle relaxation.

Did you know that we proudly make our products with zippers on the inner and outer covers? We have nothing to hide and we want to make sure you see the quality of everything we use.  


  • Approximate Size: 5" x 10" x 26" (all bolsters are slow produced at our home studio and may result in for some variations).
  • Approximate weight: 6 pounds.
  • Outer Cover is made of cotton blend fabric
  • Inner Casing is made of 100% raw unbleached cotton.
  • Filling: Canadian natural cotton wrapped in 100% Canadian cotton batting.
  • Side zipper for a clean smooth finish.  
  • Convenient, sturdy, and easy-carry handle.


  • Both outer and inner covers have a zipper for easy cleaning. Remove the cover, wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry. 
  • Do not wash inserted pillow. 

Sustainability & Impact 

  • Handmade of reclaimed fabric by local women in Ontario. 
  • Made in our home studio from locally sourced materials to reduce our carbon footprints.
  • Shipped plastic free with fully biodegradable materials. 
  • Supports charities and planting trees.