Ethically Driven

As strong believers in Ahimsa (no harm), we:

* Endorse a zero waste policy that repurposes resources when creating yoga and mindfulness essentials and reuse our own scraps in every way possible. 

* Use postcards that are made of seed paper. 

* Use local all-natural and locally grown organic resources (buckwheat hulls, lavender buds, lemongrass), reclaim forgotten materials (end of rolls, upcycled fabric, fallen trees and driftwood), and ethically source unique products (sage, singing bowls, harem pants )

Sustainability Focused

We believe you deserve the best and so does mother earth. We

* Create products in small batches to reduce carbon footprints.

* Use zero plastic, pack orders in rusable, or recyclable/biodegradable materials, and reuse boxes for shipping. 

* Our woodburned products are sanded and sealed by hand with a water-based sealer. 

* Every single "The Sankalpa Project" product is crafted with an abundance of attentive intentionality and love. They are made to last, to reduce waste, to carry intentions, and are personalized to fit your own needs. 

Impact Oriented

As believers in social justice and humanitarian initiatives; we are committed to having a social positive impact. We: 


* Plant one tree for every sale through

* Donate a portion of our sales to nonprofit organizations. We  supported New Leaf FoundationBlack Women in Motion , Black Legal Action Centre , One Girl Can and Charity Water

* Offered an 2020 small Passion-based Project Grant to support underserved communities. 

* Offer community yoga classes and workshops. We have supported studio 89, Streetsville Square, college student residents, and senior programs. 

* Courageous Conversations Learning Circle.
Yoga is way more than asanas and a physical practice. It is believing in the essence of yoga as a true form of union, freedom, and liberation for all, and a commitment to social justice and change through practice. This year, our  Courageous Conversations Learning Circle focused on investing in "Skill in Action Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice to Create a Just World"  and engaging in conversations for learning and change.

Equity Empowered

As a women-owned business, we are adamant believers in equity and inclusivity. We:

* Collaborate with local women to create some of our sewn products, which provides flexible income from the comfort of their own homes. 

* Create inclusive non-binary products.Authentically celebrate the spirit of yoga for every body, ability, and identitiy.

* Celebrate International Women's Day through meaningful challenges that support charities. This year our "I am Challenge" supported the education of one girl in Africa through One Girl Can.

*Our community blog is written by diverse voices in the field of health and wellness. 

Handmade yoga and mindfulness products that are ethical, sustainable, and give back.